I’ve been in the information technology industry for almost 33 years.  I’m most familiar with the consulting world having worked with small, medium and large firms in a variety of industry verticals.

I specialize in project management mostly in the SAP realm, but my passion is tool design for both consultants and clients, not only for IT or SAP, but for an even larger audience!  My passion also includes visualization tools.  This is also known as mind mapping, knowledge mapping, process mapping, etc.  Overall… it’s visualizing, well… could be anything.  Some people make visualization of data, for example, an art form, which is very cool indeed!

The result of my labors is SYMYTRY.

SYMYTRY is not a product… it’s a process that blends a number of excellent and popular tools into a comprehensive tool set.  When used together, they form a backdrop for the SYMYTRY process which combines; knowledge and process maps (the user front end), hundreds of forms, tools and templates, knowledge and process maps on the back end (intelligence and documentation storage & retrieval), collaboration tools to communicate and share with team members anywhere in the world, introduce 3D viewing to projects and much, much more!


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